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Mar 26, 2023

African artisans

Discover the artisans behind the handcrafted and unique pieces of SCAPA Home. A project that helps local African communities and supports women in their emancipation. 

African artisans

African artisan

Supporting communities

Iroko, Taita, and Toka are made from sustainable materials, painted with natural dyes, and handcrafted by skilled African artisans.  By outsourcing the production of these accessories, we stimulate communities in South and East Africa and support them in their emancipation. An initiative where women help women. Instead of blindly donating money, we prefer to create jobs for women to stimulate the local economies. This way, they get to earn an honest living under the watchful eye of our local correspondents. 

Cultural uniqueness

The Taita baskets are made out of sisal, a natural fibre extracted from an agave plant. The leaves of the sisal plant are used to obtain a fibre which is rolled to twine, these stands are dyed to a neutral sand tone by natural dyes and then woven into a basket. Weaving baskets is a tradition in Kamba & Taita Cultures. The main sisal basket weavers come from the remote regions of the Eastern and Coastal province of Kenya. These baskets are made by Basket Weaver Women’s Groups in rural villages. Most groups meet every two weeks to weave baskets together, and continue weaving at home, on the bus or while walking to their neighbours.